How can we enjoy the cosiness of the sheep’s fleece in a gentle way?
When the sheep is sheared by a skilled shearer, its wool comes off as one coat. If we stabilise this wooden coat through the process of wet felting, we can enjoy the sheep’s fleece and the sheep can grow a new one!

I’m just in love with my Gentle Fleece! Be aware though, that it involves a day of intense physical work. It is so much fun, though, to do it with a group of friends. Contact me for a group workshop!


Gentle Fleece soothes the nerves through its visual and tactile qualities. You can enjoy it as a wall-hanging of let yourself be supported during sitting practices.


100% wool, hand-felted. The one on the picture is made from the wool of the Drenthe Heath Sheep. Wool is a natural environment-friendly material, warm to the touch, has great isolating and fire-retardant properties. 

It is so much fun to felt the whole fleece! Group workshops are available on request.