holistic lifestyle through yoga and design

Yoga for your Body Awareness

Taking care of yourself is just as important as taking care of others. Self-care nourishes you and connects you to your deeper purpose, which allows you to be there for others. I cannot imagine self-care without caring for your body. Our body is a tangible expression of life. The mind is fed and supported by the body and our wellness is grounded in the subtle balance between the body and mind.


I take care by practicing and sharing body awareness through the ancient craft of yoga. It includes physical and breathing practices, mindfulness and spirituality. I create experiences, where these practices come together. I offer living experiences of flow, where we all can reconnect to ourselves, rest and energise.

Life cycles

As a woman I carry the knowledge and hands-on experience of the cyclic nature of life, which is not only about the waves of my personal moods, feelings and needs, but also about the changing seasons in the nature on a macro scale, and the cycle of breath on a micro scale. All life moves in cycles: conception, birth, growth, blooming, forming the fruit and ripening the seeds for a new life. It is unwise to skip a step, we need to sleep in order to be properly awake – all stages of the process are necessary. I believe that if we learn to respect the cyclical nature of life in our daily activities and all our projects and creative endeavours, we will be able to move through them organically. We will take rest before we are totally exhausted, we will take time for the ideas to ripen and we will be able to act when the time is right. We will move through life with ease and grace.

Space of inclusion

I want to open up the space for other women to connect to, feel and express their feminine nature freely. I want to open up the space for men to connect to, feel and interact with women in their authenticity. I want to open up the space for everyone who feels the currents of femininity within themselves to connect to them and explore them fully.

Care for women

Women are cyclical beings by nature, through our menstrual cycle. I have joined the Yoni Shakti – Womb Yoga movement which is a grassroots movement to reconnect women to their power of conscious menstruation. We teach practices to address the feelings of shame and suffering around menstruation, to use breath, movement and awareness to alleviate the physical and emotional pain and suffering that might be a part of women’s experience of menstruation. Our attention goes to women in all phases of their lives: menarche, pregnancy, lactation, loss of pregnancy, birth and post-natal phase, perimenopause, menopause and postmenopause. We bring yoga practice to women as a tool of empowerment, self-care and joy.


Becoming more aware of the body requires listening to all senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch and intuition. We can train these senses through the practice of yoga. We can train them through becoming more mindful in our daily life. We can train them by engaging with art and design.
Tactile sensibility is an important sense for grounding our attention. As an artist, designer and maker I explore different materials and shapes to create a tactile experience, which would deepen our body awareness. I design tactile objects which you can encounter in my workshops. In these workshops I strive to create a safe environment so that you feel invited to reconnect to your own essence.