No Mud, No Lotus #1


The Lotus flower enjoys high esteem in the Eastern cultures as a symbol of enlightenment, purity and rebirth. In India, the birth land of yoga, lotus flower is a throne for many goddesses and gods. With its roots in the mud, the lotus rises up through the deep waters and creates a flower of stunning beauty. In the same way we, humans, are able to cultivate our bodies and souls so that we can let them shine.

“No Mud, No Lotus” is a textile interpretation of a sitting practice. Meditation might not be easy, but its fruits are sweet. Through the mindful practice of sitting, giving the sitting bones soft but resilient support, we can connect to the Earth and feel rooted. Our roots are in the mud! Warm natural colours and a serene circular pattern nurture the sense of belonging and ground us deeper in our place in this world.


It is great to sit on the floor and feel connected to the ground while meditating, breathing or going through yoga asanas. Sitting on the floor helps you develop a resilient back and supple hips. To help this process, we use floor cushions, so that hips are lifted a bit higher than the ground. It really makes a difference to the feeling in your back if you place your hips a bit higher than your legs. A couple of Lotuses stacked form a higher support!


100% wool, carefully hand-dyed with natural plant pigments. Wool is a natural environment-friendly material, warm to the touch, has great isolating and fire-retardant properties. 
Colours produced by natural dyeing are incredibly soothing for the eye and create a harmonised palette. Every cushion is hand-made and therefore unique.